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Partners who are obsessed with the pastoral image of your mum bringing out a steaming roast dinner for tea, perhaps surrounded by kooky clocks and a whole gallery of baby photos, should think twice about why that’s so crucial for a relationship.

Plenty of great people exist without a large, doting family for support.

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And furthermore, you’re expecting to recognize them as your perfect match on your first date. The thing is, you probably made many other friends throughout your life, and felt an instant “spark” with some of them, but not all friendships may have stood the test of time.But, the good judgement that stopped me from falling in love with Jake The Nose Picker is tainted by tequila, and I find myself walking up (sometimes waking up) to whichever guy was there when I opened my eyes after counting to 10.In my first year of college, I got with the hot guys I never felt good enough for, the ones who were just there, the ones who broke my heart with their careless forgetfulness and the ones who drove me crazy with their inability to text back.You just want to be treated like a prince/princess, don’t you? Not to say that you’re definitely in this pernickety crowd – the vast majority of us are open to any possibilities with those we meet. Although many of us have our personal barometers for what makes a winning date, there are just some expectations that are far too high, ruling out amazing, good-hearted people for the tiny injustice of not ticking every box.Even on an online dating service you cant be too rigid about who and what you will date.