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You'll see a box with the heading "Payment Information" under Account Information, click the Edit button there.He does have some belief in a higher power, but he does not believe in a god as it were, and has stronger belief in the powers of logic and fate.He did used to be a Christian as I am, but went through a really tough time a few years ago.But I can't seem to shake off the feeling that this isn't quite right (my mum in particular warned me to be careful).Sometimes I think it is, sometimes I think it isn't. I have been in a relationship with a non-Christian before, and found it so hard I swore I would never go back there. It's been a lot easier for me to share my beliefs with him, and to know that he understands. I would definitely say no because this is your life we're talking about, and the slightest doubt is of great concern.He has agreed to no sex before marriage, as he knows how important it is to me.