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Emotional effects of dating

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Regardless of how much we try to get past the scars failed relationships leave on us, we fall prey to them.

Texts have become the primary channel of communication, which sparks many problems — mainly our need for an immediate response.

Many daters have fallen victim to the silent (literally) epidemic that has been sweeping the dating world in recent years. You’re dating someone and everything seems to be going well, until they stop responding to your text messages out of the blue, and you notice they’re no longer liking your Instagram pics (if they’re extra savage, they don’t even follow you anymore, or worse, they block you! What was once a blossoming romance comes to a shrieking halt, and all you’re left with is an endless list of questions as life continues to zoom by at a rate of several WTFs per hour.

It’s that unfortunate occurrence that made you lose a chunk of your dignity. Still, the act of being ghosted is nothing compared to the curse that haunts you after being ghosted.

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