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They contributed the maximum to their 401(k) savings plans and rolled them over into individual retirement accounts once they retired."We're hopeful that we have saved enough to last us in a retirement that includes frugal living and part-time work," Jill says.It helps to have your own lust for travel, which allows you to add the secret ingredients of insider knowledge and enthusiasm.A possible perk: Gratis trips of your own to evaluate hotels, resorts and restaurants for potential clients.The result is an uptick in agents setting up their own home-based businesses, says Erika Richter, spokeswoman for the American Society of Travel Agents.You'll spend a fair amount of time on the phone and doing online research, so this job requires patience, an unflappable demeanor and attention to detail. Some 70,000 additional travel-related jobs — in places such as hotels, travel agencies, airports and museums — were created in the U. in 2016, according to Skift, a travel industry research firm. Tambourine Man." And if you share the feeling, a job in the travel industry might be your ticket.

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It's a weird feeling to sleep on a wall: You feel like you're going to float out of bed.

But you zip yourself in, then anchor yourself with straps across your arms and legs.

But if someone was in your way, you could just fly over the guy's head.

At night, we pinned our sleeping bags to the wall, floor, or ceiling, to make room for everyone.