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Sure, it just represents a fanatic desire for all things aviation.

To “geek out” when you see your favorite airplane fly by.

Since the age of time, bitchy has become a term coined to describe women acting in a certain outspoken and temperamental way.

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I knew I was going to love this video from the opening shot’s pruned subtitles and fourth-wall breaking video vixen.

If you’ve ever tweeted the hashtag #avgeek, I want to you to exit your World of Warcraft game, put on some pants, slowly climb those steep, dark stairs out of your mom’s basement and quickly make your way to the nearest video store and pick up a VHS copy of who would not punch you in the nose.

In all seriousness, we can discuss the definition of avgeek all day long.

We need inspiration for young aviators and a growing camaraderie and sense of community for budding pilots. But “risk” has become taboo in aviation and we all huddle around in our cute little avgeek community that nobody on the outside thinks is cool.

We are building a wall of just geek to everyone on the outside.