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Moldovans/Romanians in the region between the rivers Prut and Dniestr sometimes call themselves Bessarabians. The principality of Moldova was founded around 1352 by the Transylvanian ruler ( voievod ) Dragoş in what today is the Romanian region of Bucovina.

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Since the evidence was flimsy, he recanted his earlier assignment near the end of his life This Aryan invasion theory was proposed by the British archaeologist Wheeler around the early part of the twentieth century.

According to this theory, all the Vedas were not composed in India.

A few have used astronomical methods to determine the time of the Mahabharata. All in all, it is possible to state that the dates as derived by Dr. They have been prejudiced against the richness of the Indian Civilization in the past and have always tried to attribute much later dates and consequently lo denigrate the glorious past of India. Vartak has derived the date of the initiation of the Mahabharata War to be 16th October 5562 B. This proposed date has been examined by a few scholars and has been verified.

It is possible to determine the date of an astronomical reference by considering the movements of the planets including the Sun and the Moon in the various constellations of the sky, the movement of the Earth with its axis inclined to the ecliptic and the precession and nutation of this axis as well as the seasonal changes referred to in the text. This may prove to be a break-through in deciding the chronology of the events in the history of India (and probably the World). Vartak has also derived the dates of Ramayana and the Vedas which has also been published as a book.

As the Earth makes progress in its revolution each day, it would appear that the familiar constellations also change in the sky.

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All the modern archaeologists like Shaffer declare that there is no archaeological evidence for such an invasion; the invasion is a myth propagated by historians.We first discuss points of astronomical significance, to appreciate the antiquity of the festival.1.As the Earth rotates on its 23.5 degree tilted axis from west to east, it would appear that celestial bodies that rise in the eastern horizon set in the western horizon, except for the stars closer to the celestial North (South) Pole that would appear to circle it.2.The widespread celebration of the Makar Sankranti festival and its many regional variations hint at great antiquity.In this article, we will take a journey through time, weaving together history, astronomy, calendars, seasons, agriculture and common customs, to find connections and understand the antiquity of the festival, and as an outcome, we will examine three different synchronisms for Makar Sankranti.Astronomical - I don't have a response to these questions, which begs me to ask about the reason for asking the authenticity of these stories. Ramanujam's 'The 300 Ramayanas' details the myriad variations in the retelling of this one epic in entire South Asia and South East Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia, Java and Sumatra.